Table of Contents

Episode 1 - Dead Plains Drifters

Eddie wakes up in an unfamiliar wasteland. Does he have amnesia, or does he remember too much?

Interlude - Cocoon

Most of Ruby's city has disappeared. Those who remain face the mysterious man who hides within a churning orb of nightmares.

Episode 2 - Hammertown

Eddie and Bryce find civilization at last. But in Holcomb, the hostile villagers are the least of their problems.

Interlude - Oracle

The Truth Knight seeks guidance from an ancient oracle.

Interlude - Disciples

A challenger comes to defy the power of the cocoon

Episode 3 - Fixie

Ruby gets abducted by a village of warriors and finds a powerful friend

Interlude - Cliff

A cliff-top meeting draws together two unlikely allies

Interlude - Alone

Our old friend the Fuel Fast clerk has a crisis of faith

Episode 4 - Turnpike

Eddie, Bryce and Kai make new enemies and new friends underground

Interlude - Ambush

Colonel Martin and Zeke are outmatched when attempting a rescue

Interlude - Leech

Mai and Ganny get swept up in a jailbreak

Episode 5 - Two Seconds

Ruby learns about world's changes on her way to Cavaheim

Interlude - Rat And Snake

Sybil the Lamia gets an unexpected visitor

Episode 6 - Stadium

Graden City is less inviting than Eddie and Bryce had hoped

Interlude - Golden Gossamer

Immortal cousins discuss the fate of the world

Interlude - Raiders

A growing gang of raiders prepare for an attack on Cavaheim

Episode 7 - Cavaheim

Ruby meets the king, the Ord, and the Cavaheim underground

Interlude - Circumnavigator 7

Two of Barlow's favorites escape the turnpike

Interlude - The Sacrifice

Galatina has a secret that might help the Ord

Episode 8 - Pilgrims

Ed finds new allies as he infiltrates the city of Cavaheim

Interlude - Molotov

The attack on Cavaheim begins

Interlude - Petunia

One of Jarrock's prisoners has a secret

Episode 9 - The Sleeper Awake

The enemies of Cavaheim gather to free the prisoners

Interlude - The Empty People

Kai encounters the Simps

Interlude - Castle

Tim wakes up

Episode 10 - Infinity

Eddie and Ruby explore the roots of the world's unrest and discover a new threat to Cavaheim

Interlude - River Stone

Winnie gets help

Episode 11 - Gods and Zombies

Ruby and Eddie split up on two separate quests to save the world

Interlude - Two Days To Die

Winnie reaches his final destination

Episode 12 - The Touch

Eddie, Ruby and Bryce search for Tim


The End